I Told You So (2010 Giants)

WOW. I’m at a loss for words tonight. The San Francisco Giants powered through every tough loss of the regular season, every torturous and offensively unproductive game that kept the fans in suspense and proceeded to dominate in the NLDS in 4 games, the NLCS in 6 games, and shockingly, the World Series in 5.
What a legendary performance. I tip my cap to these guys – team players from top to bottom. A new hero each night, a new star on the mound, a new beast on the field… Everything just worked this year. Although I didn’t have the balls to say it and all the bandwagoners wouldn’t even know… I knew they could do it from the very beginning. Definitely didn’t know if they would after a couple of those bummer losses, but I knew they had it in them. Fuckin’ A.
What a step forward. The Giants have been moving towards a team-oriented setup since the Bonds era proved a one-man-show to be unreliable. I cried my 11 year-old heart out in 2002 when that lineup almost made it, and slipped with one game left to win. I still hate the Angels, but at least we got some damn good redemption this year. Oh, and fuck the Dodgers too.
What a statement. This is my favorite part! The Texas Rangers, located in notoriously conservative territory, got bent over and ass-raped by the GAYEST city in the world. Ouch. Gotta love the social statement there! I’m also ecstatic about the timing of this World Series victory because I get to vote for the first time tomorrow morning. I’ll be supporting Prop. 19, the legalization of marijuana, which will be making the state boatloads of money in tax revenue if passed. If it doesn’t pass, I’m still stoked that it made a Giant step forward in the public eye and the time for legalization will come soon. I feel that the Giants’ first WS Victory and pot on the ballot represent a new time for the Bay Area, for California, and for the U.S. – and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

I’ve been utterly inspired by the character and makeup of SF’s team this year. I feel that each player represents a different role and/or value from which we can take a direct lesson and apply each of their characteristics into our own lives:
Andres ‘The Giant’ Torres: Determination
Freddy Sanchez: Patience
Aubrey ‘Huff Daddy’ Huff: Experience
Buster Posey: Poise
Pat ‘The Bat’ Burrell: Leadership
Juan Uribe: Aggression
Edgar Renteria: Clutch
Pablo ‘The Panda’ Sandoval: Room for improvement

…and there’s more to say about each of the pitchers and bench players. But I want to get to sleep and just prove my point – The Giants are worth having faith in, and I’ve learned a thing or two from these guys. As athletes, they are all stellar role models and as people they are all lovable and respectable. Peace and love go out to Bengie Molina, as well.
I’ve been waiting to post this for the whole postseason, but after each game I just started to get this weird feeling that it would be more epic if I wrote it after it was all over. And then we swooped the world championship! In Buster’s words, “this is the ultimate high in baseball”. Get stoked.

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