I Told You So (2010 Giants Afterthoughts Pt. II – ‘A Reward and a Message’)

Yes, I’m still blabbing on about the Giants. I’ve got another one on the way, too. Just gotta get this on paper, or.. at least, digital paper.
I can barely remember my first Giants game. My dad tells me I was 7 or 8 and we went out to the ‘Stick during one of its final seasons as the Giants’ home before AT&T was opened under the moniker of Pac Bell Park.. or was it SBC? lol! stupid phone service conglomerate powershifts… That’s besides the point. I’ve been a Giants fan as long as I’ve been a competent adolescent. Barry Bonds was a prominent figure in most of my developmental fanatic years and I cried my eyes out in 2002 when WS Game 6 seemed like the apocalypse in the last 3 innings. I was unsure that we’d ever have a shot again in my lifetime (notice I say ‘we’ because I feel like an essential part of the team). That was all until this season came around. The starting roster at the beginning of the season didn’t look that tantalizing but they got off to a damn good start and I knew they could make it to the postseason right after they became the only team undefeated after 4 games. Critics and analysts said it would come down to the last game, and it sure as hell did.
In the Giants’ battle to get to the postseason in 1st place, I recognized parallels between their struggles and my ups-and-downs. My testosterone levels were very heavily affected by each game’s outcome, and I paid attention to EVERY game this season for the first time ever. I went to a handful more games this season than I had been to before, which was only 2 or 3 each season to begin with. I played as much baseball as possible with my friends over the summer at my middle school’s field which we never did much until this year. So I see San Francisco’s victory as a reward, and as a message. If you believe in something, and work hard towards achieving what you must have, the perseverance and passion you have for it will get you there with a hell of a lot of faith and determination. I wish I could phrase that a little better, but to put it simply, you get what you want with hard work and confidence. Did I really need a World Championship in my hometown to realize that? YES.

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