I meant to post this earlier today (although it doesn’t matter cause nobody reads my blog so I am not obligated to post things in a timely matter, which is awesome! This is all for me. At some point I’ve gotta post about some long overdue topics, though…), but anyway I’m doing it now. Happy Thanksgiving!

To put it vaguely, I’m grateful for hella things.

I’ve got a great family. Mom, Dad, and Jon are teh pwnzors. And extended family is awesome too. Tonight my cousin Ben said while posing for a picture with his two siblings at my grandparents’ place, “we CAN’T pose normally for a Christmas card picture – We’re Jewish!”. And dinner was rope as usual. Killer dishes and 3 epic pie slices with ice cream and homestyle whipped cream to top it off put me into a 2-hour food coma, which I had not achieved in months!

I have great friends. A shout-out to my boys in SJ and all my crews in Redwood – middle school friends, high school friends, ex-coworkers and various music-related acquaintances are all boss-ass niggas! Love them all.

I’m grateful (‘greatful’ haha) for all the greatness in my life. My roots, my friends, my opportunities given… Couldn’t ask for more, really. I’ve got it made, I just don’t quite know what to do with it yet.

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