I Told You So (2010 Giants Afterthoughts Pt. III – ‘Linear Statements’)

Just a few general, undebatable linear inequalities about the Giants‘ individual and team performances. I’ve been meaning to post this for fucking ever, but I’ll continue to add as I develop thoughts on them.

Tim Lincecum > Cliff Lee
Yeah, 2010 World Series games 1 and 5. Enough said.

Buster Posey > Benji Molina
What a remarkable exchange we had there. At first I was all concerned about losing Molina, but both of these guys led their new clubs to the World Series and faced off against either League’s best pitchers, all while overcoming major challenges throughout the latter half of the regular season and the postseason. And of course, Posey and the Giants were victorious. Congratulations to him on Rookie of the Year and being a total beast.

Brian Wilson = Rod Beck
Killer closers right there. And don’t forget about the incredible middle-man, Robb Nen. But this season, Wilson tied Beck (R.I.P) for the franchise record amount of single-season saves – 48! Both bossass niggas!

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