Holy fuck, where do I start!?

It’s been such a gnarly year. On the plus, my childhood dreams came true this year in that the Giants won the World Series for the first time in San Francisco (see previous posts). I broke up with my girlfriend, which has proven to be a good call. I worked the sickest temporary security job known to man. I went to several raves and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn’t smoke weed THE WHOLE YEAR and it made me feel clean and smart again.

On the flip side, I finished up my first year of college on a sour note. The Fall 2010 semester wasn’t much better. Also, I fucked a lot of things up with a lot of girls cause I’m a horny stupid shitface with bad game.
Improve game and academic drive.
Stop developing and worsening acne.
Get some odd jobs together and work that ass off.
Detach emotions from sexy virgins and attach them to this blog, music, and school.
Eat less meat in order to eventually convert to vegetariansim.
Do more cardio than lifting this year.
Masturbate a little less.
This list shouldn’t be so long! Try not to be so hard on yourself.
Enjoy 2011 to the fullest. Every day is a new day.

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