Nevermore pwns.

“Born” and “Final Product” are back-to-back opening tracks on their ’05 album “This Godless Endeavor” and the lyrical content on all of those songs are simply killer. But here are excerpts from both of those songs listed:

“Religion changed the face of man, thou shalt not kill, we all are gone

The seed of ignorance is born thou shalt not think, thou shalt conform

The pigs order us to follow orders and obey
The flies drink the decaying nectar of their tortured effigy

Cling to wasted beliefs and visions and bathe in apathy again
No solution, the retribution of spiritual sickness begins

The legacy of suffering is through, the guilt we bear shall not tear us in two

Born we are the same, within the silence, indifference be Thy name
Torn we walk alone, we sleep in silent shades
The grandeur fades, the meaning never known

If nothing in the world can change our children will inherit nothing”

“Final Product”
“The media loves the latest tragic suicide
They exploit it, then package it and profit from the people who die
Look at the world, look at the hell, look at the hate that we’ve made
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay
I’m told that all your seeds are black
I’ve learned the question in unanswered and opaque

We’re witnessing a famine of the innocent
Did they die for religion or the government?
Because if your god won’t do, their god will starve you”

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