Golf Wang

*she’s trying to read and i’m trying to write* (6/13/11)

These materialistic pretty boys with weak purpose and selfish intentions always thinkin’ they got swag… Fuck all that iced out bullshit.

*upstate New York after a trip to a shit-town’s diner and a double-feature home movie screening* (8/7/11)

This is my opinion. You don’t have to correct me. Conformity, money, booze, bitches, clothes, and sports will not impact your definition on this planet or the life I want people to live. Get real and get it fucking right. What’s with this over-rated, conceited perception of poise they’re calling ‘swag’ anyway?! You’re all full of shit and want to excuse your low-minded arrogance as a cool, hip manner of expressing indifference towards shit that matters. Do some shit that matters with your yolked ass life and don’t rap about it.
That’s what the fuck I think.”

Keep on consuming and conforming like all the rest of this country is bred to do. And keep adding fuckers on Facebook you don’t even know. That’ll get you somewhere.

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