ID Fest. whackest shit ever, to be completely honest. I’m disgusted with the amount of punks and posers that HAVE to come out to these mainstream gigs with their other 16 year-old friends and HAVE to be on hella shit just to be cool and just to enjoy their experience at the concert. I tried thistles one time (POP 2010: The Dream, and I’ll never forget it), but that was a learning experience and another place that I visited, mentally. It’s not a fad or a way to fit in, and it’s really pathetic to watch how drug & alcohol consumption becomes almost a necessity for ‘fans’ to enjoy these shows. What happened to going to shows sober because the music is enough to get high off and you want to be a responsible driver n all that?! That’s where I come from. I feel out of place at metal shows and electro shows now (and I sure as hell never fit in at the symphony)… I just don’t know what to do. Nothing cuts it for me anymore. Then again, life shouldn’t be all about fitting in, it should be about loving what you do and who you are. That’s a whole other half-drunken rant, though… hah. I’ll edit this later.

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